Vegetarian Map of Seattle: Best Meat-Free Neighborhoods

by Morgan Greenseth

It's a widely known fact that the meat-based diet common to Americans wreaks havoc on the environment at multiple levels. And as middle-class incomes increase in developing nations, millions more around the world want to follow in our unsustainable footsteps. But what we need to do is redefine our vision of a healthy, filling meal. Around the world, eating less meat is something we can pretty much count on as a necessary step toward a one-planet future.

The way we eat is heavily influenced by what's available and what tastes good. Luckily, Seattle's vegetarian-friendly culinary scene makes it both easy and extremely palatable to eat a diet that's more plant-based (or even cut out animal products entirely). Check out our Vegetarian Map for a veggie lover's-eye-view of Seattle:

After mapping these restaurants, we can confidently say that the U-District is the most vegetarian-saturated neighborhood in Seattle. If you'd like to sample some meatless fare in your neighborhood, here's a list of spots around the city:

1. Mr. Spot's Chai House

2. Patty Pan Grill

Capitol Hill
3. Hillside Quickies Cafe

4. In the Bowl

5. Juliano's

6.Teapot Vegetarian House

7. Cyber-Dogs

8. Flying Apron

9. Silence Heart Nest

10. Georgetown Liquor Company

11. Squid and Ink

Greenwood/Phinney Ridge
12. Carmelita

International District
13. Vegan Garden

14. Vegetarian Bistro

Lakewood/Seward Park
15. Lola's South City Bakery

Madison Valley
16. Cafe Flora

Queen Anne

17. Bamboo Garden

18. Lucky Palate

19. Sunlight Cafe

University District
20. Araya's Vegetarian Place

21. Chaco Canyon Cafe

22. Flowers Bar & Restaurant

23. Hillside Quickies Vegan Sandwich Shop

24. My Sweet Lord Cafe

25. Pizza Pi

26. Veggie Veggie

27. Wayward Cafe

28. Jhanjay

29. Mighty-O

30. Sutra

Do you have a favorite vegetarian spot that's not on our map? Let us know about it by leaving a comment below!


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