Seattle to the World: Seattle's Best Edible Solutions

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In celebration of the official debut of Worldchanging Seattle, we bring you our Seattle to the World series: a collection of the 100 best local innovations, institutions, policies and people that we think could benefit readers in cities around the world. We've collected your recommendations – and sought out our own – to locate what we felt was a sample of Seattle's most inspiring solutions for a better future.

We're kicking off the series with a week dedicated exclusively to the best in Seattle's food scene. We chose this as our starting point because there's something uniquely worldchanging about the topic of food. Over and over again, we've found that our readers, our friends, and even we ourselves are uncommonly passionate when it comes to this issue. The choices we make regarding our food are the same time intensely personal and quintessentially communal: preparing and eating a meal puts us in touch with our bodies and our senses, our communities and loved ones, our history, our culture and our environment. And the issue of who grows our food, who sells it and who determines its quality has the power to unite people who hold opposing views on just about everything else.

There's no doubt about it: Seattle is a food town. From steamy, fragrant bowls of noodles in the International District to the overflowing vegetable stalls of Pike Place Market, we're reminded of the rich cultural diversity and the fertile landscape at just about every turn. And there is proof everywhere that Seattleites are using their resources wisely, as evidenced by the local bevy of cutting-edge, sustainability-minded culinary businesses (Herban Feast, Stumbling Goat Bistro, FareStart and Eat Local, are only a few that come to mind).

Over the next week, we'll be serving up profiles of Seattle's most important food-related success stories – giving you an inside look into each solution, and showing you our take on why each one is worth broadcasting to the world. As with a good meal, we hope you enjoy … and that you find plenty of opportunity to share with others.

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