New Facility for Homeless to be Built in Ballard

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A boarded-up home at 1753 NW 56th St. in Ballard will be converted into a 60-unit shelter for the chronically homeless. According to this recent post by Geeky Swedes at, the property was purchased by United Way of King County in partnership with the City of Seattle. The home will be built by the Compass Center, which also operates assistance programs for at-risk residents in the Cascade neighborhood, Shoreline, Pioneer Square and Belltown, among other locations.

The project is currently just in its beginning stages. As one Compass Center employee explains, the facility will be a place for single homeless women to live for 12 to 24 months at a time, which counseling and support to help them transition into a more permanent situation.

The Ballard home is the first of three or four purchases that will add 150 to 200 units of housing in the city. The United Way spent $800,000 for the land, and the City used $1.2 million from the Seattle Housing Levy.

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