Confronting the Global Food Crisis: What Does it Mean to You?

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On Dec. 5 and 6, local foodies, gardeners, co-op supporters and social justice fans joined together for a teach-in about the global food crisis to learn more about and come up with solutions to the issue.

The Community Alliance for Global Justice hosted the Global Food Crisis Teach-In, which featured almost 30 local food experts, growers and policy makers.

According to CAGJ, the two-day event was created to cultivate just alternatives to the corporate food system. But it seemed to me like the event covered such a broad spectrum of topics that each attendee interpreted that mission statement in his or her own way. Some attendees came to learn more about genetic engineering, or how the food system affects people in Africa. Some came to learn what they could do to help make the local food system more accessible and just. Others just wanted to know how to grow food in their tiny apartments or how to find free food.

The event was absolutely packed, and the ideas coming out of the workshops were particularly juicy. It just goes to show: talking about our food can be society's greatest unifier.

Here are a few questions I overheard while at the teach-in. Please feel free to discuss any answers you have in the comments below.

What does local mean to you?
How can the community help people who don't have access to land, time, ability, money, get access to fresh, local food?
How do we distribute knowledge about how to garden, compost, grow organic and local food?

This post is part of a series. We'll be bringing you more news about the most interesting solutions we discovered at the CAGJ teach-in via short posts this week!

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