Flooding: How You Can Help

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This week has been a devastating one for farmers and other families in Western Washington.

It is crucial to get aid to our neighbors as quickly as possible in the form of donations, volunteer service and aid for the flood's many victims. It is also important to view the big picture in the months and years to come, and to continue think long-term about how, by building a sustainable, prosperous, one-planet Seattle, we can protect the future of our region and the entire planet. As Worldchanging ally Eric de Place at Sightline noted in this excellent and sobering post,:

The floods in Western Washington -- this year and in several recent years -- are completely consistent with what the climate science has been predicting for the Northwest. It doesn't really matter whether or not these particular floods are the direct result of global warming (that's an untestable hypothesis), what matters is that this is exactly what we should expect in the future. If the scientists are right, get ready for more.
So if you think carbon pricing is too expensive, just wait until you see the bill for failing to put a price on carbon.

If you are able to give money to help the farmers and families in need, you can do so through one of the organizations listed below (courtesy of Mary Embleton at the Cascade Harvest Coalition / Community Food Security Task Force):

Art Wedig Relief Fund - Washington Farmers who belong to Organic Valley Co-op.
c/o Organic Valley
1 Organic Way
LaFarge, WI 54639

Boistfort Valley Community Foundation - This is not specifically a farmer fund, but Boistfort Valley is heavily agricultural.
c/o Lewis County Fire Department #13
PO Box 16
Curtis, WA 98538
(360) 245-3207

Community Farmers Market - Market farmers and vendors impacted by the floods.
Please make checks payable to:
Community Farmers Market—
c/o Lewis County Extension Office
351 NW North Street
Chehalis, WA 98532

Olympia Farmers Market - Olympia Farmers Market farmers only.
700 Capitol Way S
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 352-9096
donate online

Olympia Food Co-op – Farmer Flood Relief Fund; All affected farmers who supply co-op.
3111 Pacific Ave. SE
Olympia, WA 98501
call Grace at (360) 357-1106 for information;
Collecting money in both stores at the register; also accepting checks to above address.

Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance Good Farmer Fund - For growers who sell at Seattle’s NFMA markets.

Mail checks to:
Good Farmer Fund c/o the NFMA
4519 ½ University Way NE #200
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 632-5234
The Good Farmer Fund is meant to help our market farmers with direct access to emergency funding due to farm loss, crop loss and personal hardship.

Tilth Producers of Washington Flood Relief - For organic & sustainable farmers who belong to Tilth
PO Box 85056
Seattle, WA 98145
Or donate online

Washington Farm Bureau Flood Relief - Lewis County farmers primarily.
PO Box 8690
Lacey, WA 98509
pledge form online
(800) 331-3276 to donate over the phone via credit/debit

Photo credit: Associated Press/Ted S. Warren.

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