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Our office is all abuzz with a new bit of culinary activism from Skillet, a local cult favorite on the limited Seattle street food scene:

Here's a tidbit from Skillet's recent email update (as posted and discussed on SLOG):

...Seattle doesn't have enough street food, and we want to help change that. We are toying with the idea of creating a weekend street food market. We would like to have a parking lot of some kind perhaps in a neighborhood say ballard, fremont, cap hill, udistrict, beacon hill etc...where us and maybe 5-10 other street food vendors could set up for a saturday and sunday during the day and perhaps even into the evening. I believe it could be a great experiment (and successful) and perhaps couple it with some farmers, musicians etc...anyways...if you have any suggestions or perhaps a location...please don't hesitate to email me (josh) at

As we noted in a previous article (Discussions For A Walkable Seattle), sidewalk food vendors can have a big impact on the local landscape. As Mark Hinshaw of LMN Architects told a group assembled at an Allied Arts event in June, they add interest and excitement to neighborhoods, offer enticing meals at affordable prices, and can even serve as a low-cost big break for start-up restaurateurs.

Seattle lags behind other big cities in the street-food arena because of over-zealous health regulations that make it very difficult for vendors to obtain licenses. But as this Stranger article notes, the local street food scene seems to be changing. Seattleites want it, more vendors are attempting it, and their success is spurring others to do the same.

Personally, I love that the limited Seattle vendor options acknowledge the vegetarian crowd. Nothing beats a Field Roast sausage smothered in kraut and grilled onions, fresh from the mobile grill. I say bring on the falafel, soft pretzels, tofu kebabs, veggie gyros and spanikopita.

What's your opinion of street food -- is it right for Seattle? For fans, what's your favorite street-food joint in town?

Photo: Skillet serves up hot meals from its iconic airstream trailer. Photo credit: flickr/naes, Creative Commons license.

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