Don't Miss: Alex Steffen at Seattle Green Fest

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Though Worldchanging Executive Editor Alex Steffen speaks regularly all around the world, it's not often that he has the chance to take the stage here in our hometown. So we're especially excited to announce that he'll be speaking at the end of this month at the Seattle Green Festival. We hope you can join us to hear his presentation on the future of our communities, focused on the emerging solutions capable of molding our bright green future.

The Green Festival is a major traveling national event co-produced by Global Exchange and Green America (formerly Co-op America). A great place to catch up on the latest debates in the sustainability movement, Green Festivals draw attention to what works in our communities in response to pressing global concerns, with a focus on the solutions that exist today.

The weekend-long fest, hosted downtown at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, will feature food, live music, activities and learning. Specially dedicated areas like the Fair Trade Pavilion, Green Home Pavilion, Green Kids Zone and Community Action Center, give you a place to connect with other people, families, businesses and organizations that share your values. And the speaker lineup offers many other not-to-be-missed talks, including author and journalist Amy Goodman and mushroom maven Paul Stamets.

As an added bonus, you can save some greenbacks while having a green ol' time. Seattle Climate Action Now is offering free Green Festival admission tickets if you sign up for their newsletter. Head here to download your coupon.

Read our coverage of the 2008 Green Festival, where Sarah Kuck asked presenters, "What's no longer impossible?"

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