Carrotmob Comes to Seattle

2252129369_5d914013e3.jpgLast summer, Worldchanging's Nancy Scola reported on Carrotmob, a movement born in San Francisco. The big idea: if socially conscious consumers organize their efforts, their green choices can produce a much bigger -- and quicker -- change in the business landscape.

The idea is making an appearance in the Emerald City. Here's what I hear from Greendrinks maven Gabriel Scheer:

Seattle Greendrinks has partnered with the Pike Pub & Brewery to produce Seattle's first Carrotmob-like event! On 22 April (Earth Day), from 4pm until close, at least 20% of all sales at the Pike Pub will go back into the store in the form of energy retrofits and other improvements to improve the pub's efficiency, reduce its waste, and more; in short, we'll make it a greener pub. Come out & join us - drink & eat and help this great local business reduce their environmental footprint!

Update: As of March 13, Pike's increased their offering from 20 to 25% (of profits to be used for retrofits and upgrades), and will now be participating in this event for the whole day on Earth Day. Details here.

Photo credit: flickr/kathryn_rotondo, Creative Commons license.


Happy Earth Day all! Great concept and kudos to Gabriel and Roy and all at Green Drinks for riffing on the carrotmob idea here in the Emerald City. Gathering up my peeps to hit the Pike Place Pub and Brewery this pm, The Lorax in hand! See you there!

Posted by: Todd Girouard on April 22, 2009 10:08 AM

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