An artist immortalizes the P-I

Tomorrow's edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer will be the 146-year-old paper's last issue in print. Local journalist and illustrator Gabi Campanario, founder of Urban Sketchers, honored the paper with these beautiful sketches posted last Thursday. We thought they were well worth sharing.



Campanario ends his artistic statement with a plea reflective of our moment in changing times:

If you are an urban sketcher I'd recommend that you draw the building of your city's newspaper. And if you don't already, buying a copy might help them keep covering the news. I know you can read them all for free online now, but, you know, they are not free to produce. The folks at the P-I know that very well.

See more here.

Thanks to Jonathan Lawson for the tip.


Having returned to University as a very mature student, I can attest to the valuable and pertinent education one receives from reading a daily newpaper. As a cross-country truck driver, I made it a habit to read at least one newspaper every day. Sometimes, I read two or three.
I will be graduating from University next year with an honours degree in Environmental Studies. I attribute my success to my daily readings that kept me interested in the current affairs of the world, and that kept me informed and educated. Long live newspapers!

Posted by: Laura on April 11, 2009 7:06 AM

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