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Book Review: Container Atlas - A Practical Guide to Container Architecture

Container Atlas - A Practical Guide to Container Architecture, edited by Prof. Han Slawik, Julia Bergmann, Matthias Buchmeier and Sonja Tinney (available on Amazon UK and USA). Publisher Gestalten says: This book presents a wide range of projects in container architecture - a contemporary architectural phenomenon. It features container structures used as pop-up stores and temporary exhibits as well as sophisticated housing and office spaces that provoke and inspire while setting new...


Andrew Maynard's Newest Brainchild: Corb V2.0

Australian architect, Andrew Maynard has been featured here a couple of times, always amid abundant praise for his inspired, smart, compact shelter designs. His work is always original and elegant, often mobile and usually green. I've just gotten the brief on his newest project and while I'm immediately enamored with it for its levity, visual presentation and complete subversion of building conventions, the verdict's still out on my overall opinion of its livability. Corb V2.0 is a...


Protest Treehouses

The vigilant protection of endangered forests represents an enduring legacy of environmental activism, from the Chipko movement in India in the early 70s to Julia Butterfly Hill's long sit in the redwoods. Few things deter a logger from felling a tree more effectively than a protester clinging fiercely to its trunk. Except maybe a protest structure that clings to three trunks at once. On top of being a wildly inventive architect, Andrew Maynard - whose prefabs have been widely lauded for...


The Week in Sustainable Design (01/08/06)

Jill Fehrenbacher and Sarah Rich write about the ongoing evolution of sustainable design at Inhabitat Prefab is on the rise down under. With tremendous climatic variation and a relatively slow housing market, homebuilders in Australia have more than one challenge to surmount. In these conditions, prefab designers may have the greatest advantage, due to their highly accommodating manufacturing process. One of the leading new Australian designers, Andrew Maynard, puts it simply: "How can the...

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