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Banksy and the Simpsons' Backstory!

This Banksy Simpsons intro is just brilliant, a perfect ripping away of the surface to reveal the problematic system beneath in a funny, cutting way. Hello Simpsons' backstory!


Supply Chains, Be the Change, and Narrowband Networks

Looking back one, two and five years ago today (give or take!) on Worldchanging: 2009 The Backstory of Stuff: New Sites Enable More Transparency in the Supply Chain Kirstin Butler explores the increased accessibility of online mapping tools and wiki-style collaborations have changed the cartography of consumption. 2008 One Planet, Three Decades A classic Worldchanging essay by Alex Steffen in which he discusses what it really means to "be the change"... 2005 Narrowband - one solution for...


The Back Story

Worldchanging's Executive Editor Alex Steffen has long touted the benefits of product backstories -- see "Principle 1: The Backstory" or "Spinach, Feedlots and Knowing the Backstory " for examples -- and now The New York Times is getting hip to the idea: The Back Story It's always great to see the spread of Worldchanging ideas!


Building a Greener World through Marketplace Economics and Radical Transparency

Consumers now have little information about the true ecological impacts of what they buy. But that may be about to change, as new technologies that track supply chains are emerging and companies as diverse as Unilever and Google look to make their products more sustainable. by Daniel Goleman With climate legislation dead in Congress and the fizzled hopes for a breakthrough in Copenhagen fading into distant memory, the time seems ripe for fresh strategies — especially ones that do not...


Movie Review: Human Footprint

Two years ago, Worldchanging listed “Human Footprint” in its Holiday Gift Guide, but as far as I could tell no one here had offered a review of the film. Due to a recent flu that left me bed bound, I was able to watch the movie and I thought it would be of interest to Worldchanging readers if I offered a bit more information about it. In true National Geographic fashion the film is a visual feast, with both captivating still life images and dramatic video sequences used to illustrate...


Resilience and Ruggedness: Why Faster, Bigger and More Complex May Be Better

This started as a few notes, became a rant, then tripped over some ideas which will be more fully articulated in coming work. Rough writing: read at your own risk. There are some obvious problems with this as a piece I don't have time to fix. Intelligent, engaged, constructive feedback welcome. There's a really cool event happening in Berkeley today, Design 4 Resilience: Thriving in an Uncertain World. It's an open space, unconferency sort of show, not unlike the miniconference we held...

Design Indaba 2010

Readers in the design world were no doubt following last week's events in Cape Town, South Africa, where emerging and established talents from all corners of the design industry gathered for the Design Indaba. The 3-day conference is one of the industry's leading annual events; a unique showcase where top minds in branding share the stage with graffiti artists and cutting-edge talents from the rapidly rising nations known collectively as BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India and China). The...

Worldchanging Timeline: 2003-2009

We here at Worldchanging just celebrated our sixth anniversary! In addition to publishing a series of "101" posts, highlighting some of the iconic pieces we've published over the years, and a primer on blogs and other resources we lean heavily upon, we though that it might also be useful to share a timeline of the project so far, noting some representative events, to give the interested reader a sense of where we came from and how we got here; perhaps knowing something of the evolution of...


Worldchanging 101: BUSINESS

Changing the world is good business. Here are some of the most popular and enduring stories we've published in our first six years, stories we think offer a window into the Worldchanging archives. In these pages you'll find a treasury: more than 10,000 articles on cutting-edge solutions dating back as far as October 2003. This work pushes the boundaries of the global conversation on sustainability, social innovation and planetary thinking. Many of these writers are leaders in their...

Worldchanging 101: An Anniversary Collection

Worldchanging is six years old today! To celebrate our sixth anniversary, we've created a collection of what you might think of as the Worldchanging canon: pieces that have had enduring popularity and that we think say something important. And it turns out the two overlap pretty well. After compiling a list of our most popular articles we noticed that a high proportion of our most read, forwarded and linked pieces not only represent groundbreaking work, they also highlight many of the core...

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