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Neri Oxman: Design is Truly Alive

Ethan Zuckerman is blogging from Camden, Maine, at the wonderful Pop!Tech conference. Celebrated designer Neri Oxman wonders what is the origin of form? How do we invent form? Is it a preconcieved image of narrative? Intelligent design? Getting rid of the stone in the way, as Michelangelo speculated? If form is to follow function, how is that function tested and evaluated? It has been my assumption that design by shift of perspective may be, perhaps, considered a second nature....

Worldchanging Timeline: 2003-2009

We here at Worldchanging just celebrated our sixth anniversary! In addition to publishing a series of "101" posts, highlighting some of the iconic pieces we've published over the years, and a primer on blogs and other resources we lean heavily upon, we though that it might also be useful to share a timeline of the project so far, noting some representative events, to give the interested reader a sense of where we came from and how we got here; perhaps knowing something of the evolution of...


Sorry, Out Of Gas: Architecture's Response To The 1973 Oil Crisis

Sorry, Out of Gas: Architecture's Response to the 1973 Oil Crisis, by Mirko Zardini and Giovanna Borasi. With essays by Adam Bobbette, Daria Der Kaloustian, Pierre-Édouard Latouche, Caroline Maniaque, Harriet Russell (Amazon USA and UK.) Publishers Edizioni Corraini and Canadian Centre for Architecture describe the book as follows:From November 7th, 2007 to April 20th, 2008 the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal hosts the exhibition "1973: Sorry, Out of Gas", curated by CCA...

A Suburban Future of Concrete and Gardens -- Nice. Right?

Could Toronto's aging concrete high-rises be North America's most promising new frontier for sustainable suburban development? A new City-backed plan is banking on it. The Mayor's Tower Renewal aims to turn the greater Toronto metropolitan area's 1960s apartment blocks into a 21st century resource, around which sustainable, walkable, mixed-use suburban hubs of community and economic opportunity can be built. In so doing, Toronto could create a model of successful density for the rest of...


Bucky Done Gone: The Dome Home In Decay

I'm currently on a 10 year anniversary tour to talk about the role of design and architecture and its' impact on society. Tomorrow I speak at University of Miami and early this week at Rice University both with the titled talk 'When sustainability is a matter of survival'. With this as my context It was a chance visit a few weeks back in Southern Illinois that has stuck in my head. In late February I got the opportunity to go to the University of Southern Illinois - Carbondale, a rural...


Project H Design Builds Playground for Learning

[Image: The finished "math playground" in Uganda, by Project H Design].Project H Design recently completed the installation of a "math playground," or Learning Landscape, at the Kutamba School for orphans of AIDS in rural Uganda.Part outdoor classroom, part spatially immersive lesson in arithmetic, the project gives students a place to study in at least two senses of the phrase. On the one hand, it's simply a forum for learning; on the other, it is literally a place to study: the space...


Conference Report: DesignBoost

Note: We strongly encourage reader reports from the field. This is John Manoochehri's take on the recent DesignBoost conference. In the interests of full disclosure, we should mention that Alex Steffen was initially a scheduled speaker, but had to bow out because of conflicting demands. DesignBoost is an emerging Scandinavian conference, network and brand created by communciations designer David Carlsson, and design entrepreneur and trend-hawk Peer Eriksson, both based in Malmö, Sweden. The...

Climate Change is a Problem We Can Choose to Tackle

This article was written by Saul Griffith in March 2008. We're republishing it here as part of our month-long editorial retrospective. Saul Griffith is a remarkable guy: inventor, entrepreneur, Squid Labs, ThinkCycle and Instructables founder, columnist, genius grant winner and now president of the clean energy start-up Makani Power. A couple weeks ago, I did a talk at eTech, and while I was there, I had the fortune to hear Saul give his presentation on energy literacy and climate change....

Gathering Our Collective Will

This article was written by Alex Steffen in January 2008. We're republishing it here as part of our month-long editorial retrospective. "The evidence indicates we've aimed too high -- that the safe upper limit for atmospheric CO2 is no more than 350 ppm," says Jim Hansen. 350: That is the level to which Hansen believes we need to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (and by implication, other greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere if we want to avoid a series of catastrophic climate...


The Cartography of Change

McArthur Universal Corrective Map of the World On Sunday September 14, i had the great pleasure to host a panel on Cartography of Protest and Social Changes with 3 artists and activists i admire a lot: Brooke Singer, John Emerson and Lize Mogel. I usually avoid writing about the events i'm so closely involved in, either because i don't have the opportunity to take notes or because there's some video of it about to broadcast the ridiculousness of my accent on the world wide web. It all...

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