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Humanitarian Design Projects and the Growth of Digital Fabrication

Looking back one, two and five years ago today (give or take!) on Worldchanging: 2009 Kenyas' First "Net Positive" Basketball Court Christa Morris reports on Architecture for Humanity's "net-positive Rainwater Court" project at the new Mahige Hope High School in Kenya... 2008 Preview: Curry Stone's Five Finalists in Humanitarian Design Julia Levitt shares images and descriptions of the top five finalists for the The Curry Stone Design Prize... 2005 Generation Fabrication Jamais Cascio...


Leapfrogging into a Carbon-Light Future: Carbon Manna

In theory, people in developing countries have everything to gain from carbon trading. After all, they lead unavoidably low-carbon lives. But these can often be improved by making them lower carbon still: for example, by switching from a kerosene lantern to solar power, or from a smoky wood stove to a clean burn version running on carbon neutral crop waste. These not only cut emissions – they usually save their users money and time, and dramatically improve their health. If these could also...


TED Global 2010: Jessica Jackley’s New Project, Profounder

Jessica Jackley, one of the co-founders of Kiva, tells us that she’s going to tell us a love story. “The stories we tell each other, and tell about our own lives matter.” She first heard stories about the poor when she was six years old and in Sunday School. She was told that we needed to help and that Jesus wanted us to give to the poor, and she was psyched to help. But she was also very frustrated, because Jesus also said, the poor will always be with us. She said she felt angry,...


Riding and Repairing Bikes in Sierra Leone, the Connection between People and the Built Environment, and the Era of Historical Democracy

Looking back one, two and five years ago today on Worldchanging: 2009 Village Bike Project: Distributing Bikes and Education Across Africa Adam Werbach nominates Village Bicycle Project as part of Worldchanging's Attention Philanthropy Campaign; find out more about his friend Brittany's work to help help girls learn how to ride and repair bikes in Sierra Leone... 2008 Environment, Attitudes, and Behavior Clark Williams-Derry explores our physical environment -- the objects we surround...


Developments in Energy for the BoP: From PlayMade's Energee-Saw to the Pot in Pot Cooler

Adeena Schlussel at Next Billion has just published a series on energy for the base of the pyramid (BoP), which she hopes will be a "descriptive review of companies and projects "extending the grid" for the BoP. She reports on some great new ideas -- a couple of examples are excerpted below -- and I recommend you check out her full posts! Energy Generation: Supplying Low-Income Customers in BoP Markets PlayMade Energy While this enterprise differs from the others in that it has not yet...


Closing Health Care Gaps with Simple Tech, Proving Walking is Best, and Wishing for Moon Power

Looking back one, two and five years ago today on Worldchanging: 2009 Harnessing Both Sun and Cell Phone to Close Gaps in Local Health Care Nancy Scola reports on two projects led by US students and their international allies that are helping to fill gaps in health care in the Global South. Though one project involves cell phone text messaging and the other equipment sterilizers powered by the sun, both have the same inspiration: using simple technology to build on the value of existing...


MIT's IDEAS Global Challenge: Launching an Incubator for BoP Innovation

by Eileen Peng How many great ideas does it take to make a positive impact on a community? Surprisingly the answer can be just one. That said, a single great idea often requires the efforts of dozens or more people to bring it into reality. Identifying and leveraging the right resources are key to realizing great ideas anywhere, and no less in emerging markets. In the Fall of 2010, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will launch the IDEAS Global Challenge, an annual competition...


Trashy Bags: Cleaning Up Ghana's Streets and Creating Jobs

by Katie Leavitt Stuart Gold noticed a problem and decided to fix it. In doing so he has created a triple-win for the western African country of Ghana. Plastic is everywhere in the capital city of Accra. The harmful effects of the material are not widely recognized or a cause for concern in the country. Wrappers and water sachets, which hold clean water and are sold in every store and used by everyone, fill the landscape. They clog the gutters and drains causing floods and get carried out...


BoP Opportunities in China

by Maria Zheng What are some BoP ventures and issues in the world's most populous nation? China's extreme income inequality, rich heritage and diverse geographies make for intriguing social venture opportunities during its time of neck-breaking economic growth. While China has become the world's third-largest economy, 627 million Chinese still lived on less than US$2.50 per day in 2005. Poverty is almost exclusive to the countryside- just 70 percent of rural Chinese are below the poverty...


The Remix Project: An Arts + Cultural Incubator in Toronto

Nominated by Gabriella Gomez-Mont The Remix Project is a cultural incubator working with young people who have been written off by mainstream society. Whether because they have dropped out of high school, possess a criminal record or are just labeled "at-risk" because of their zip code, The Remix Project recognizes the potential of these young people and works with them from an asset based approach. It is because of this approach that Remix has received awards and accolades since its...

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