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Gates at CGI 2010: Action Now Is the Best Deal Around!

This week I'm blogging from the Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting. In this post I highlight a comment by Bill Gates during the Closing Plenary session on Day 3. For links to all my CGI coverage click here. Bill Gates and President Clinton on stage a the CGI Closing Plenary. (screenshot of archived webcast) A quick note... I just attended the Closing Plenary session here at CGI. President Obama, Michelle Obama, and Bill Gates were among the speakers (click here for the full...


TEDxChange, Hans Rosling and the Millennium Development Goals

We've talked a lot about the Millennium Development Goals. Today, on the 10th anniversary of their launch, the Gates Foundation and TED have teamed up to run a one day special conference. Good talks about important solutions (including another great lecture by our favorite demographer, Hans Rosling): Kudos to the good folks at TED and BMGF.


Center for Health Market Innovations: A Knowledge Database for BoP Markets

by Maria Belenky In the outskirts of New Delhi, a small, locally owned shop offers a solution to patients who need convenient and affordable tuberculosis treatment. Behind colorful packages of snacks, toothbrushes, and other products, there are shelves of medicine-color-coded and dated to indicate dosage and start of treatment-and a jug of water with paper cups. As a participant in Operation ASHA, a program that is helping take DOTS (the World Health Organization-recommended tuberculosis...


Easy Latrine: Best in Show Winner at the 2010 IDEA Awards

(Users and schematics for the award-winning IDE Easy Latrine. Photos courtesy Jeff Chapin and IDE Cambodia; via IDE's Blog) The Easy Latrine was one of three designs to win "Best In Show" at the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA Awards). The latrine was developed by International Development Enterprises (IDE) with funding from USAID and the World Bank Water and Sanitation Program (WSP). Jeff Chapin, a designer at IDEO, and a team from IDE Cambodia designed the Easy Latrine...


Systemic Solutions for Toxic Threats to Babies and Mothers

Editor's Note: We've been having a lot of talks about scale, scope and speed here at Worldchanging recently and I thought Anne's article below was a good example of the need for engaging in systems-level thinking, rather than fixating on individual actions, to solve big this case, the toxic environment babies are exposed to in the womb, and the lack of policies in the U.S. to protect them. by Anne Fahey We tend to think of the womb as sacred, a safe temple—providing a secure...


Rural Center of Excellence: Closing a Gap in the Health Care System in Tanzania

Traditionally, if a woman from the Tanzanian town of Ipuli wanted to give birth in a hospital or clinic, she would have to travel 81 kilometers by oxcart and bicycle to the capital city Dar Es Salaam. Although Ipuli isn’t a small settlement by any means—it has a population of more than 100,000 and there are hundreds of thousands more in the surrounding district—until recently it lacked any sort of formal local health care system, particularly for expecting mothers and their children...


West Virginia Rx: A Grass-Roots Charitable Central Pharmacy

Nominated by Andre Heinz With a grant from the Heinz Family Philanthropies, the Benedum Foundation and state dollars, West Virginia Rx was launched. WVRx is a grass-roots charitable central pharmacy that provides brand name prescription medications for free to impoverished, uninsured and underinsured West Virginians statewide. WVRx serves citizens who are at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL) but will help anyone find needed health care resources. Nestled inside of a free clinic,...


Improving the Health of the BoP: Africa Health Fund and Advance Market Commitments

by Heather Esper New and exciting ideas are being rolled out in attempts to improve health at the base of the pyramid. One of which is the Africa Health Fund which focuses on increasing access to health related services and goods for Africans, specially the poor, while providing investors with long-term financial returns. The other is the Advance Market Commitments (AMCs) which provides funding to stimulate the development and manufacturing of vaccines for developing countries. Africa...


The Battle Against Malaria: Turning Away From DDT To Greener Weapons

Insecticides such as DDT have long been used to combat the scourge of malaria in the developing world. But with the disease parasite becoming increasingly adept at resisting the chemical onslaught, some countries are achieving striking success by eliminating the environmental conditions that give rise to malarial mosquitoes. by Sonia Shah For over half a century, the battle against malaria has been waged with powerful anti-malarial drugs and potent mosquito-killing insecticides, weapons...


Flash Graphics on HIV

The percentage of people living with HIV is higher in poor and ecologically poor areas. For those of you interested in these issues, check out Gapminder's freely shared Adobe Flash presentation (download here) on HIV, which has static and animated graphs showing the relationship between the percentage of people living with HIV and income per person, and the actual number of people living with HIV. The data in the presentation shows how the HIV epidemic has changed in different countries...

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