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Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting

This week I'm attending the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York City. (For more on CGI's history, meaning and vision, I recommend this excellent interview with Director of Commitments for CGI, Marilia Bezerra, over at the Huffington Post.) The four main topic areas, or "Action Areas," that will be discussed over the next three days are: Empowering Girls and Women Strengthening Market-Based Solutions Enhancing Access to Modern Technology Harnessing Human...


Carbon Footprint Analysis, GlobalGiving Green, and Cory Doctorow

Looking back one, two and five years ago today on Worldchanging: 2009 World Bank Initiates Carbon Footprint Analysis Ben Block examines the hidden carbon footprint costs of World Bank projects, and says that the Bank is responding to pressure to estimate the footprint of future projects... 2008 GlobalGiving Goes Green Sarah Kuck reports on GlobalGiving Green, a new philanthropy service helping to connect donors with community projects that combat the intertwined problem of poverty and...


How to Follow the Haitian Earthquake Online

A massive earthquake hit Haiti last night, with an epicentre only 15 kilometers from Port au Prince, the capital city. It will be some time before the extent of the devestation is known, but early reports suggest that thousands are likely to be reported dead. Major landmarks, including the Presidential Palace, National Assembly and Port au Prince cathedral have been destroyed. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, and the damage from the earthquake will compound the massive...


Worldchanging Interview: Shana Dressler on Global Giving Circles

Shana Dressler is a New York-based documentary journalist and producer, founder of Swimming Elephant Productions as a framework for creating multimedia projects that advance multicultural awareness and understanding. More recently she's formed Global Giving Circle to create innovative solutions to global poverty. We look for AND find the ingeniously simple solutions to problems that drastically change a life for the better. Consider the elegant thinking behind VisionSpring: They provide...


KickStart: Solving Poverty with Business Opportunity

Nominated by Shannon May I'm nominating Kickstart. In short, they solve the problem of poverty for small farmers across Africa. Here's a paragraph about their work: KickStart is an award-winning social enterprise with a revolutionary solution to poverty in Africa and the developing world. We develop and promote money-making tools that unlock business opportunities for thousands of poor entrepreneurs. KickStart's human powered irrigation pumps — appropriately named MoneyMaker — have...


Winners Announced in Financial Innovation Competition

To help promote the creation of new ideas for financial security, nonprofit organization Changemakers devised a contest to encourage innovation for the global financial crisis. The competition is called Banking on Social Change – Seeking Financial Solutions for All. Changemakers in an initiative of Ashoka, the world's largest association of leading social entrepreneurs. The nonprofit association started Changemakers as an open source community that would provide, collect and create...


When local profit based social ventures date international non profits

Last week I wrote about the American Express Members Project and a project to develop sustainable weaving cooperatives that (full disclosure) my organization, Architecture for Humanity, is involved in. This project, spearheaded by Lulan Artisans, is part of a growing new model of philanthropic initiatives within international development - the small scale hybrid.


Microfinance: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The other day in New York, I had the pleasure of attending a round table organized by the Council on Foreign Relations entitled The Commercialization of Microfinance: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Moderated by CFR Senior Fellow Isobel Coleman, the discussion featured comments from Mary Ellen Iskenderian (of Women's World Banking) and Roshaneh Zafar (of the Kashf Foundation.) I arrived early, set up my laptop and grabbed a bite to eat (if you're curious, the CFR building is beautiful and...


Giving = Happiness

by Clark Williams-Derry University of British Columbia researchers have put a price tag on happiness.  The good news:  happiness is available for the low, low price of $5.00 (Canadian, that is).  The better news:  you can't spend that money on yourself.  Instead, to get the most smiles per dollar, you have to spend money on other people.  Dr Elizabeth Dunn at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and colleagues found that [experimental subjects] report...


Black Rock Solar

Ever heard of someone donating a 90-kilowatt solar array? Ever heard of them doing it over and over, and inviting you to help? Meet Black Rock Solar, a child of Burning Man's Black Rock City that plans to make a difference in the rest of the world. Burning Man is known for being a huge party out in the desert. For those who know it better, it's also a utopian community based on ideas like the gift economy. For those who have been watching these last few years, its utopian dreams have...

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