Nov 25, 15

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The Bachat Lamp Yojana Project: Lighting India's Future with CFLs and Carbon Credits

by Damandeep Singh From the world's second-most populous country comes one of the biggest carbon credit projects. India seeks to replace 400 million inefficient, incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs at a considerably reduced price to the consumer. In the bargain, India is expected to avoid the emission of 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. The Bachat Lamp Yojana (BLY) project, which translates to Savings Program through Lamps, promises to lower...


One Acre Fund: Uplifting East Africa’s Rural Smallholder Farmers

by Stephanie Hanson One Acre Fund's Stephanie Hanson describes the four-year-old organization's efforts in Kenya and Rwanda to provide rural smallholder farmers with the tools to feed their families and increase their incomes. Most people in sub-Saharan Africa are farmers with small pieces of land, large families, and poor crop yields. Their primary occupation is growing food, yet many do not grow enough to feed their families. One Acre Fund was founded in 2006 to serve these farmers. Our...


Concrete High-rises, MicroEnergy Credits, and an Optimistic Earth Day

Looking back one, two and five years ago today (give or take) on Worldchanging: 2009 A Suburban Future of Concrete and Gardens -- Nice. Right? Julia Levitt examines how Toronto's aging concrete high-rises could become North America's most promising new frontier for sustainable suburban development and become a model of successful density for the rest of the continent, and perhaps for the world... 2008 MicroEnergy Credits Corporation: Greening the Base of the Pyramid Grace Augustine reports...


Why U.S. Businesses Want Strong Climate Action in Copenhagen

So why are Nike, Johnson Controls and Sempra Energy sending top execs to Copenhagen to monitor the international climate talks. To block a strong climate deal, right? No, wrong. Dozens of U.S. companies are here advocating for a tough international pact that reduces pollution and accelerates clean energy innovation. The political uncertainty surrounding climate change regulation — both in the U.S. and globally – is stifling their businesses. "We're looking to come out with a...


Finding The Money: The Wizardry of Financing Climate Responses

Even if you aren't particularly interested in climate change, Copenhagen's high level negotiations are interesting because they bring to light things about the world that usually pass unnoticed. That's particularly true when it comes to finance. This morning, financial wizard George Soros announced a climate financing plan that to most of us was akin to lifting up the cushions of the couch and finding a billion dollars.. Soros' plan relies on a form of financing called special drawing...


Kenya to Build Huge Wind Farm As Devastating Drought Curtails Hydropower

In January, a consortium of Dutch and Kenyan investors will begin construction on the $760 million project, which envisions more than 350 wind turbines towering over desert expanses near Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. When completed in 2012, the wind farm is expected to boost the power supply in this nation by almost 30 percent. Kenya is one of the continent's greenest countries, with nearly three-quarters of its power coming from hydroelectric and geothermal sources. But its efforts to...


Nike and Pop!Tech Team Up to Find New Low-Impact Materials

The successful solutions event Pop!Tech* is taking their work to a new level. Their latest project is Pop!Tech Labs, which will bring together a group of experts – scientists, academics, corporate leaders and policymakers – to embark on a “year-long innovation journey.” The gathered group will focus on an issue around a specific domain, and will release any inventions under an open license. For their first lab, they will be teaming up with Nike to search for low-impact materials....


The Cleantech Revolution Sweeps Through America

By Peter Madden and Polly Ghazi The wind of change is sweeping America – literally. Take Texas. Synonymous with the nation’s oil boom era, for the past century its wealth has been powered by gushing geysers and giant oil companies. But green gold is now competing with black, as Texas establishes itself as a powerhouse of wind energy. And the Lone Star State is not alone. During 2008, the US wind industry almost doubled in size, reaching 25,369MW, and passing Germany as the world...


New Report Finds 31 States Have The Renewable Resources To Be "Energy Self-Reliant"

A new report from the New Rules Project finds that over 60% of all U.S. states have the renewable energy resources to be “energy self-reliant.” (“Energy self-reliance,” as defined in the report, is a measure of how self-sufficient in energy generation a state could be if it relied entirely on its own renewable resources). The New Rules Project, a program of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, released its findings last week. The report, “Energy Self-Reliant States: Second and...


European Union Recommends $73 Billion In Non-Carbon Energy Research

The European Union will unveil a proposal this week calling for $73 billion (50 billion euros) in research over the next decade into improving wind, solar, and nuclear power technologies, as well as the development of carbon capture and sequestration projects and energy-efficient “Smart Cities.” The report, prepared by the EU’s executive body, the European Commission, says the surge in investment is necessary if Europe hopes to meet its goal of slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 80...

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