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Game for Change: Fate of the World

New Computer Game Simulates Challenges of Global Warming A British company has developed a new computer game that allows players to save the planet from the effects of global warming — at least in a simulated setting. “Fate of the World,” produced by the gaming company Red Redemption, places players at the head of a global environmental organization — a “UN with teeth” — charged with saving the world over the next 200 years in the face of rising temperatures, diminishing...


Banksy and the Simpsons' Backstory!

This Banksy Simpsons intro is just brilliant, a perfect ripping away of the surface to reveal the problematic system beneath in a funny, cutting way. Hello Simpsons' backstory!


Clinton Global Initiative 2010: Life in the Press Room and More Coverage

This week I'm blogging from the Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting. I hope to post at least one daily recap a day. Here is a short post of life behind the scenes in the Press Room. For links to all my CGI coverage click here. In addition to hearing from and being around so many world leaders and activists, it's been a fun learning experience for me to simply attend this kind of big official meeting as "press" - it's my first time sitting in a 'press room' with a bunch of other...


Media Tracking and the Quantified Self

Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly have been documenting an emerging phenomenon they call “the quantified self“. The term refers to a set experiments that people are conducting – primarily on themselves – to understand their own bodies and behavior. In an article for The New York Times Magazine, Wolf details a range of these experiments. One engineer weans himself off coffee and compares his reported levels of concentration with and without caffeine. Others use sensors like the Zeo to track...


5 Days Left to Submit Your "World Changing Ideas" Video

Scientific American and SciVee are holding a video contest to collect short videos on "World Changing Ideas" -- the deadline for submissions was extended to September 15th, which means there are still five days left to submit your video entries on innovative ways to build a cleaner, healthier, smarter world. I'm sure there are lots of Worldchanging readers up to that task out there! Perhaps a new weekend project is born? Videos will be judged on overall impact, scientific content,...


Gameful: A New Secret HQ for Worldchanging Games

My recent post on Games for Change seemed to be pretty popular, so I thought many of you would be interested to learn of Jane McGonigal's (and co-founders Nathan Verrill, Matthew Jensen, and Kiyash Monsef) new venture: Gameful. Gameful is set to launch at the end of October and will be a "secret HQ" for people who are making games that are making people: - happier - smarter - stronger - healthier - more collaborative - more creative - better connected to our friends and family - and...


Worldchanging Resources, Why Food is Unifying, and Ourmedia

Looking back one, two, and five years ago today on Worldchanging: 2009 Resources from the Worldchanging Library A full list of links to great resources in the Worldchanging library organized by these categories: cities, shelter, business, planet, stuff, politics, community... 2008 Everybody Eats: The Unifying Power of Food Sharon Hoyer examines why the food movement so successfully unites people from all hues of the political spectrum... 2005 Lessons of Ourmedia Jamais Cascio explores the...


No Impact Man, Vertical Farming, and Ethiopia Lives

Looking back one, two, and five years ago today (give or take) on Worldchanging: 2009 No Impact Man (the movie): A Sneak Peek Sean Conroe introduces the trailer to the new movie "No Impact Man"... 2008 Cities are for People: The Limits of Localism Adam Stein writes about the limits of vertical farming and the corresponding limits of localism, and about cities and what they are good for... 2005 Ethiopia Lives Jamais Cascio reports on the "Ethiopia Lives" project, which gives nineteen...


Thermografische Kaart: Heat Seeking Camera Used to Assess Home Energy Use

Fly by night operation provides a detailed map of heat loss in Belgium. by Tim Varga (image via Terrapass) The quality of your home’s insulation can be hard to assess without tearing into walls or poking a hole in the roof to see what’s underneath. But a group of municipalities in Belgium have taken a creative approach to helping people learn about their roof insulation: they hired an airplane-mounted thermal imaging camera to photograph neighborhoods over a four-night period in...


Impactful Media: How TV Is Shifting the Global Landscape for Good

From expanding awareness of global health issues in the United States, and implementing health education in Haiti, to addressing tribal conflict in Kenya, and changing the perception of Turkey in the Middle East, soap operas, television and videos are helping to save the planet. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently invested over $1.37 million in the Hollywood Health and Society Global Health Initiative, a project of The Norman Lear Center, in partnership with the World Bank and...

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