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The Past of Nuclear Weapons

Our history of nuclear explosions: “… nuclear weapons may come to be seen as a strange fetishistic behavior by nations at a certain period in history. They were insanely expensive and thoroughly useless. Their only function was to keep a bizarre form of score.” – Richard Rhodes "We would no longer be the destroyers of mankind, but rather, a gateway through which the future generations would enter the world. Then the passion and will that we need to save ourselves...


TED Global 2010: Stefan Wolff and Learning Lessons to Stop Ethnic Conflict

Stefan Wolff is a scholar of ethnic conflicts and civil war. He tells us that, while there’s seldom good news when we talk about these topics, there are reasons for hope. Specifically, he’s hopeful about three factors: leadership, diplomacy and institutional design. There are certainly reasons to worry about ongoing civil war. Wolff reminds us of recent civil conflicts in Georgia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Israel and Palestine, Darfur and Iraq. But there’s good news as well. In the long term,...


Tribal Land Rights, The Economics of Happiness, and Epidemio

Looking back one, two and five years ago today on Worldchanging: 2009 Suriname Tribe Protects Land, Ensures Rights Hugo Jabini was honored with the 2009 Goldman Environment Prize for South and Central America, along with Head Captain Wanze Eduards, one of the four members of a powerful Saramaka governing council (the Saramaka are a group of Maroons who live in a 9,000-square-kilometer area of central Suriname). The two united the Saramaka to oppose logging companies and fought their way to...


President Obama's Nobel Prize Speech and the Politics of Optimism

President Obama's Nobel Prize acceptance speech is a truly remarkable piece of writing. He manages, in an incredibly conflicted moment, to neither dodge the conflicts nor let those conflicts define the possibilities of our time. It is a speech that is honest, humble and at the same time profoundly high-minded. The last few lines, in particular, reveal a sentiment that's critical for the era of instability we know we're headed into: So let us reach for the world that ought to be — that...


On-the-ground Reports From Mumbai

Worldchanger Dina Mehta's doing an amazing job providing information about the Mumbai crisis on her blog and on her Twitter feed. A remarkable woman, with remarkable things to say. Our thoughts are with Dina and everyone there, with the hopes that we not only help and stand by the people of Mumbai, but remember to keep terrorist attacks in perspective. The world needs calm, sensible thinking and hard work in times like these. Thanks to Dina for providing it.


Ushahidi Documents Violence in the DRC

My friends at Ushahidi, an amazing team of creative Kenyans who built a dynamic system to allow for citizen reporting of violence during the post-election period in Kenya, have just rolled out a tool to help document violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The proxy war in Congo threatens to engulf the eastern part of that nation. While the conflict is getting good media attention, incidents are spread over a huge geographic area and there’s great danger that critical incidents will...


Changing the World Involves Being Good Winners

A few lines that came in an email today: "Try to be kind to each other. Do not radiate triumphalism or entitlement or disparagement or distaste. Do not gloat. Help your neighbor quietly, and speak encouragingly of all efforts to make things better. Take your lead from Obama and be respectful, gracious, understanding, and aware that at this time both joy and resentment are hateful to many, Do not presume. Celebrate quietly for what has been gained. Mourn quietly for what has been lost and...


Carry The Vision Interview: Azim Khamisa

By Worldchanging SF local editor, Matt Waxman: The fifth Carry The Vision Community Nonviolence Conference and Youth Leadership Summit was held Saturday, April 21st at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose. I had the honor to speak with keynote speaker Azim Khamisa, whose personal tragedy has given him a life path of teaching forgiveness, altruism, and spiritual peace to create a nonviolent, healthy world. As Azim Khamisa shared during his speech, his only son Tariq was murdered in a...


Jeannette Rankin: This is No Time to be Polite

by Worldchanging LA local blogger, Jennifer Murphy: You can no more win a war than an earthquake. So said Jeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to the US House of Representatives and the first female member of Congress. A new film about Rankin, A Single Woman, is in the final stages of completion and will be screened publicly for the first time this Saturday in Los Angeles. Sonali Kolhatkar interviewed the filmmakers Thursday on her KPFK program Uprising. A Single Woman was first...


Thank You, Stanislav

Twenty-two years ago today, the world nearly ended. We owe the fact that it didn't to the level head of one Stanislav Petrov. Those of you who remember late 1983 might recall that it was a remarkably tense time. The Soviet Union had just shot down a Korean airliner that had flown into Soviet airspace. The US was performing large-scale military exercises within quick reach of the USSR. In the US, President Ronald Reagan talked about the "Evil Empire," while Soviet General Secretary Yuri...

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