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Bill Gates: The Right Goal is Zero

Bill Gates in Rolling Stone on climate neutrality: "We don't really grasp the scale of the problem we're facing," Gates tells me in his office overlooking Lake Washington in Seattle. "The right goal is not to cut our carbon emissions in half. The right goal is zero." Preach.


Struggling to Adjust: Adaptation Finance in Developing Countries

by Tan Copsey The need for humans to adapt to climate change is clear, but the where, when and how remain fuzzy. Tan Copsey reports on existing – and hotly debated – plans for financing change in vulnerable countries. The climate is changing and human beings will need to change with it. People will have to adapt to floods, droughts, disease, increasingly severe weather events and disrupted water and food supplies. But some of those facing these threats have limited capacity to...


Mr. Burns as the Face of Geo-Engineering

WorldChanging Ally Dale Carrico suggests that we make Monty Burns, of The Simpsons, the face of geo-engineering on his blog Amor Mundi. He begins: Alasdair Wilkins reports this good news over at io9: "The United Nations's Convention on Biological Diversity is expected to either ban outright or limit research into space sunshades. Although NASA and other organizations are looking into these sunshades as a possible way to slow climate change, environmental advocates have criticized this...


Solar Panels to Appear on White House in Spring 2011

by Adam Vaughan In this June 20, 1979, file photo President Jimmy Carter, center, is surrounded by reporters and photographers as he inspected new White House solar hot water heating system located on the roof of the West Wing of the mansion, over the Cabinet Room. Photograph: Harvey Georges/AP (via The Guardian) Solar panels will be installed on the White House roof a quarter of a century after they were removed by Ronald Reagan, the Obama administration said today. A mix of solar...


Global Warming Aids and Frustrates Archaeologists

From hunting gear to shoes, ancient artifacts once covered by ice are being unearthed in Norway. Now scientists face a race against time to preserve them by Robin McKie Norwegian archaeologists Norwegian archaeologists Trond Vihovde, left, and Elling Utvik Wammer use a GPS marker to register the location of sticks used in reindeer hunting from before the Viking Age. Photograph: Alister Doyle/Reuters Archaeologists have gained an unexpected benefit from global warming. They have...


New Study Shows Global Warming is a Winnable War with Proper Planning

Humans have yet to push the planet past the point of no return when it comes to global warming, according to the surprising results of a new study. The Vancouver Sun has the story: By the time the existing emitters are pulled from the road, torn down or phased out over the next 50 years, they will have collectively pumped out 496 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, their study concludes. The study says this will raise carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to less than 430 parts per million...


Must-See: Bill McKibben on David Letterman + Time for Action Now

The founder of and the author most recently of the must-read book Eaarth — has a great interview with David Letterman. Dave is more knowledgeable on climate and energy issues than the vast majority of ‘real’ journalists, though he makes one mistake: Always amazing to see a person as well known as Letterman who sees the situation in more dire terms than a guy like McKibben (see: Letterman Rages on Global Warming: “We Are So Screwed!”). Letterman does make an inaccurate...


Arctic Round-Up: New Sea Routes Opening Up, New Infrastructure Imagined, and Canada's Taking Action

Melting and thinning ice in the Arctic has proceeded so rapidly that new sea routes are opening up, infrastructure is being imagined, and countries like Canada are working to assert their sovereignty in the north... Last year, Beluga Shipping became the first shipping company to transport goods through the 'Northeast Passage'; two ships, escorted by a pair of Russian icebreakers, traveled from South Korea to Siberia via the newly broken up NE passage. Now, the sea is ice-free enough in the...


Fuel Efficiency for Low-Income Homes, Gapminder, and The Human Storm

Looking back one, two and five years ago today on Worldchanging: 2009 The Cruel Cost of Clunkers Suzie Boss reports on the hidden social cost of maintaining clunker cars and how one innovative non-profit, Bonnie CLAC, is working to improve the lives of low-income families by getting them reliable, fuel-efficient vehicles... 2009 Free Data. Big Picture. Very Cool. Which countries are healthiest, wealthiest and most educated? The Gapminder knows... 2005 The Human Storm Jon Lebkowsky...


Climate Skeptic - Now with Less Skepticism!: Lomborg Changes Tune

For those who – like me – missed the news on Monday: the world's most well known climate change skeptic has done a dramatic about face. Bjorn Lomborg's 1998 book “The Skeptical Environmentalist” has been a pillar for critics of climate science and policy. He has made a high profile for himself by taking a strip off of pretty much anyone – from the media to the IPCC – who has called for rapid action on climate change. But on Monday in an exclusive interview with The Guardian, he...

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