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Nanocomputers on the Horizon

Oh, carbon nanotube, is there nothing you cannot do? Probably, but it's time to add another item to the list of carbon nanotube uses. Researchers at UC Irvine have figured out how to construct a high speed nanotransistor using a single-walled carbon nanotube. This is a good step towards nanoscale computers. Moreover, this early-stage work suggests that carbon nanotube-based computers would be able to operate significantly faster than current-generation silicon-based chips, and perhaps faster...


The Transcommercial IPO

One of the early WorldChanging pieces I'm most proud to have on the site is Alex's November 2003 essay, The Transcommercial Enterprise. If you haven't read it, you really should; I think that Alex has caught the scent of something big. Transcommercial practices could be a fundamental reshaping of how corporations do business -- and the signs are all around us that people are beginning to wake up to the possibility. The most recent signifier of a shift towards transcommercial philosophies is...

Designs on Democracy Feedback

John of Social Design Notes has written up his impressions of the Designs on Democracy conference. Worth a look!

Microcredit Problems?

The Times is running a piece exploring the problems some say are emerging as the microcredit model spreads. I found it provocative: thoughts?

Green roofs

Roofscapes, Inc.'s site has a bunch of examples of green roofs -- roofs planted with grasses, mosses and shrubs, thus saving energy, helping moderate run-off and providing greenery. Pretty to look at.


Lions and Lambs...

As world population continues to grow, more and more people come into conflict with nature, and almost always nature loses. This we know. However, there are some bright spots, like this story of a Maasai-led effort to find a way to raise livestock while protecting Kenya's Kitengela Corridor: "To the government, safari firms, and tour operators, wildlife means income. Less-tangible value is placed on East African wildlife by caring people around the world. But to the Maasai, wildlife is...


Smart Breeding and Green Biotech

Ally Dick Manning has written a provocative piece on the agricultural future of green biotechnology "...the quest for a longer-lasting tomato didn't end there. As the Flavr Savr was stumbling (Monsanto eventually abandoned it), Israeli scientist Nachum Kedar was quietly bringing a natural version to market. By crossbreeding beefsteak tomatoes, Kedar had arrived at a savory, high-yield fruit that would ripen on the vine and remain firm in transit. He found a marketing partner, which licensed...

Peroxide Cleaners

Kevin Kelly's high on OxyPower: "This powder is a non-toxic, non-chlorine bleach. Chemically it works like hydrogen peroxide, which is a  water molecule with an added unstable oxygen. OxyPower is chiefly sodium percarbonate, which is washing soda with additional unstable oxygen. As in hydrogen peroxide, the excitable oxygen bubbles off when it reacts, chemically oxidizing smells, films, germs and stains of all kinds.  But because OxyPower is a dry powder it is far more durable and stable...

Chinese Solar Power

Ken Novak points us to an article in Electronic Components claiming that China will move into the top five list of solar cell producers this year, with a projected 60MW production worth of solar power units. It has also launched the "Chinese Lightning Project" to promote solar cells as a power source.

Water and Sanitation

What's one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve the lives of people in the developing world? Simply meeting international standards for safe drinking water and adequate sanitation, at least according to the World Health Organization. As written up in the Financial Times: In a report prepared for the World Health Organisation, the Swiss Tropical Institute estimates that providing 1.5bn people with an improved water supply and 1.9bn people with basic sanitation by 2015 would cost an...

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