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Happy New Year, Worldchangers!

Thank you so much, dear readers and allies, for making this last year truly magical. We hope that this is a year of peace, joy and plenty for you and yours, and of progress for the planet.


Energy Leapfrogging in Morocco

(Note for new readers: We'll continue to post tsunami-related analysis today and in coming days, but we're going to start shifting back towards the broader scope of issues we cover here at WorldChanging. We hope you find our coverage of models, tools, and ideas for building a better future interesting and useful.) The Alternative Energy Blog points us to a set of articles at about the current status of renewable energy in Morocco. We've noted before the potential for abundant...

Radio, Radio

Turnabout is fair play, I suppose, so tomorrow Dr. James Hughes will interview me -- on his radio show, Changesurfer Radio. We'll be talking about WorldChanging, emerging technologies, and how to embrace the new ethically. The show starts at 5:30 pm EST; for those of you not in Connecticut but still interested in listening in fascinated horror, it will apparently be available in streaming radio on WHUS. Audio archives will also be available afterwards; I'll link to them if I don't embarrass...

Hotel Rwanda

Yes, it's a major motion picture about genocide, itself important: but it's also a true story. Honor the heroes.

The America I Wish We'd Been This Week

This is a personal essay, likely to make some people angry but perhaps to many others seem worth the read. It's about the kind of nation I wish the United States had shown itself to be this week.


Fighting Malaria: Nets or Drugs?

Even as the death toll in Asia continues to rise, the threat of an even greater tragedy looms. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières and the UN are warning that disease outbreaks could kill more people than the tsunamis themselves. Worse still, this is not a short-term crisis. The destruction wreaked by earthquakes and waves has left five million people homeless, according to the WHO (others think the actual number may be twice as high), and destroyed water and sanitation...


Morquendi: The Dark Elf

i was convinced i could live life like i was 13 years the lost boys in J M Barrie's Peter Pan...but then once i figured i had to grow up at some point i ditched that and took the name of morquendi... - Sanjaya Senanayake I've been inundated with requests for more information on Sanjaya, aka Morquendi in the online world of blogs - the 23 year old television producer who is speeding around Sri Lanka and sending me text messages from his cell phone. We've been posting them regularly...

Disaster-Secure Design

WorldChanging ally W. David Stephenson, who specializes in distributed security strategies, crafted a list of what he would consider the ten key elements of an effective security model. It struck me as I read his list that most of these are precisely what would be needed for a distributed, reliable warning and response system for any kind of emergency, including natural disasters. In Stephenson's model, the system elements should: Also have day-in-day-out applications so that they will...

The Architecture for Humanity/WorldChanging Tsunami Reconstruction Appeal

We've been working to bring you both useful information and insightful thinking on the unfolding tsunami disaster these last few days. But words don't house people. That's why we teamed up with Architecture for Humanity on December 27 to launch the AfH/WC Tsunami Reconstruction Appeal. Our initial goal? To raise $10,000 by the end of the year. Much to our delight and gratitude, the response to our joint appeal has been phenomenal. WorldChanging readers contributed far more than our...

Earthquake Info

Aftershocks in the South Asia region continue, and while seismologists don't anticipate another 9.0-scale earthquake there in the immediate future, some of the quakes which have happened over the last couple of days have been pretty strong. If you're interested in keeping track of what's happening under the ground, the best resource is the US Geological Survey earthquake website. They have maps of all quakes around the world as well as frequently-updated lists of earthquake activity. There's...

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