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Vancouver Abides

For many of us, cities are the most tangible example of slow change. Buildings rise and fall, streets and wires unfurl, but at a pace which is simultaneously gradual enough to be almost invisible to our day-to-day wanderings, and still fast enough to be shockingly evident within the space of our lifetimes. That's what makes before/after and 'century cam' projects so particularly appealing when it comes to cities -- they collapse a slow change that normally only registers on the periphery of...

Finding the (Energy) Future in Tea Leaves

Coca-Cola Central Japan has installed something called the "eKOsystem," a methane fermentation system which uses the coffee grounds and tea leaves left over from the manufacturing of coffee and tea-based drinks to provide heat and energy for the plant. Relying on a waste to energy scheme should lower the company's operating costs by reducing waste volumes and associated waste transport/processing costs, enable energy savings by use of generated methane gas in the plant, and reduce the...


EELS for Kenya

We covered the proposed $100 computer for developing world education awhile back, and one of my conclusions was that (should the plan go forward) a hand-held device was a more promising path than an American-style desktop, and that Linux should be the underlying OS, not some proprietary, locked-down system. Today comes word of a program now underway in Kenya which takes up that challenge, and gets it partially -- but not completely -- right. The EduVision E-Learning System (EELS) is a...

Pan-Asian Biotech Association

SciDev.Net notes the founding of the Federation of Asian Biotech Associations, an organization intended to promote collaboration between industry and academia across a wide swath of Asia and into the Pacific. The organization is notable for two reasons, both relating to membership. The first is that there are no member countries traditionally thought of as being in the "highly developed" world; no Japan, no Australia, not even South Korea. There's a strong South-South element here. The...


Green Space, Green Transportation

Why don't people walk or bicycle more often? The benefits of doing so are well-known: improvements in health, lowered stress levels, reduction in pollution, etc.. Some people clearly do, of course; whenever we post articles about green improvements in automobile technology, we're sure to get comments telling readers to just get on a bike. But many people, it seems, have a strong aversion to biking and walking for transportation. Is sprawl the main reason, making it hard to get to work on time...

Tsunami quake may have triggered a second - in Alaska

An hour after the Indian Ocean quake that triggered the Southeast Asian tsunami, seismologists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks "could actually detect the entire state of Alaska undulating up and down, rising and falling an inch or more every 30 seconds for several minutes." It also "triggered a second earthquake beneath Mount Wrangell, a 14,000-foot volcano about 50 miles east of Glennallen.... The phenomenon of one earthquake triggering another earthquake at a distance of 6,000 miles...

2005 Fast Company /Monitor Group Social Capitalist Awards

How do you solve the world's problems? With creativity, passion, and the savvy to turn scarce resources into big impact. Competitions also help win mindshare, which may be why they're all the rage these days. Check out the latest winners of the 2005 Fast Company /Monitor Group Social Capitalist Awards. Just after a quick scan, the winners look mostly US-focused, albeit some have a global mission. This is to be expected given the location of the funding organizations (discloser: one of...

Airships Plus Gliders

We've mentioned before how great it would be if the future of aviation included airships (blimps). The main problem with them, though, is that they're slow. But what if you could keep the advantages of an airship--minimal fuel use--with higher speed? And while you're at it, have the higher speed come from something that reduced fuel use even further? Well, as GizMag writes, Robert D. Hunt has thought of just that. Though GizMag doesn't describe it well, nor does the inventor on his...

Kids with Cameras Wins Oscar

Just got an email from Cameron letting us know that Born into Brothels won the Oscar for best documentary! Way to go, Zana Briski!

WorldChanging's Future, TED and Ed Burtynsky

We love doing WorldChanging. It's rare to have a project which you feel excited about working on when you wake up in the morning, and we do. We know how lucky that makes us. But WorldChanging is still, in the end, a lot of hard work: researching, interviewing, scanning the web, and (of course) writing. We've realized that if we're going to keep doing all this work, much less try to improve the site and do new and better things with it, we need to find a way to help pay the bills. Therefore,...

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