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This is our 3,000th post, not too bad for a site that's only been around for 20 months. Good things are happening with WorldChanging, and even better things are coming -- and we owe all of our success to the support and enthusiasm of the WorldChanging community. Thank you. As you know, in celebration of the 3,000th post, this week we've been posting contributions from guest writers; we still have a few more days' worth of posts to go, so even though the milestone's been reached, the...

More Eco-Protests in China

The uprising over factory pollution in the village of Huaxi I posted about in mid-June was not an isolated incident. The month has also seen pollution-related uprisings in the village of Jianxia (over toxic waste from a battery factory) and in the Cangnan County region (over a power plant). An uprising in April in the village of Huankantou was also pollution-linked, although the proximate trigger was the death of two elderly protesters. If the smog-filled skies, poisoned lakes and spiraling...

Flu Wiki

Dr. Lucas Gonzalez' idea to use Wikipedia as a resource for flu pandemic preparation is a good one, and was inspired by the use of Wikipedia as information hub in the immediate post-tsunami days. But, just as the post-tsunami needs were greater than Wikipedia could support -- spawning the South-East Asia Earthquake And Tsunami site -- so too does the effort to head off a global avian flu emergency need its own home. And now it has one: Flu Wiki. The goal of the site is to be: a reliable...

Deep Impact

Deep Impact is the NASA project to smack a probe into the surface of a comet in order to get some insights into what it's made of. The impact event will happen on Monday, July 4. The comet -- which will by no means be destroyed -- is Comet Tempel 1. The impact will be watched by a variety of space probes, and will be visible from some parts of the Earth. Why do this? Two main reasons. The first is that comets have, by and large, been around since the formation of the solar system, and taking...

Mike Millikin: Xiaokang Shehui

Mike Millikin publishes Green Car Congress, and is a regular contributor to our Sustainability Sundays feature. I asked him to send us something not about sustainable vehicles, and this is what he wrote. It's a bit longer than we were expecting, but I just couldn't cut it down. I really should ask him to do this more often According to Wikipedia, the Chinese term “xiaokang society” (xiaokang shehui, literally “society of small peace/comfort/health”)—first...

Mike Treder: Nanotech Now

Mike Treder is the Executive Director of the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology. With a name like the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, you end up on a lot of mailing lists — but almost all of the material we are sent is trivial, irrelevant, or blatant hucksterism. Fortunately, there is one site we can consistently rely on for useful news, ideas, and information: Nanotechnology Now. "Our 4,000+ daily readers depend on us to sort the wheat from the chaff, culling the...

Elisa Murray: The Street-Smart Naturalist

Elisa Murray is communications director for Northwest Environment Watch, a Seattle research and communication center that tracks progress toward a sustainable Northwest through its Cascadia Scorecard project. Lately, I’ve been getting inspiration from the kind of writing that reminds me that the natural world--and humans’ connection to it--doesn’t start when I go to a park or on a hike, but with the small but powerful act of paying attention, wherever I am. Yep, it’s...

Stuart Henshall: VOIP As Revolution

Stuart Henshall publishes the Skype Journal and is CEO of Mosoci LLC, a research and strategy group helping organizations define their Skype strategy. For well over one hundred years, the phone system has slowly but surely brought us closer together through the simple act of hearing each other speak. The Internet, in turn, radically changed communications with media from email to blogs, giving everyone online a way to share ideas with global audiences. Today VoIP - voice over internet...

David Bornstein: Terrapass

David Bornstein is the author of How to Change the World. If you drive a 1995 GMC Yukon K1500 four wheel drive -- rated at 12/16 city/highway miles per gallon -- and like the average American travel 12,000 miles a year your "number" would be 16,766 and your price would be $79.95 a year. By contrast, if you drive a 2005 Honda Insight with a manual transmission rated at 61/66 city/highway mpg, your number is a mere 3,698 and your price would be only $29.95 a year. What are these numbers? The...


Introducing "Inclusive Wealth": A New Economic Measure of Sustainability

Despite the equation to the right -- annotated in a kind of "field guide" format for when I give presentations on this topic -- this article is a math-free primer on a new piece of economic theory that just might change the world. Allow me introduce you to "Inclusive Wealth." Technically, Inclusive Wealth is a reform of neo-classical economics, using accounting prices (i.e., substitution prices) to put a monetary value on key capital stocks in nature, the manufactured economy, human...

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