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"dot eco", the Ladder of Life, and Cities of the Future

Looking back one, two and five years ago today on Worldchanging: 2009 Transparency, Accountability and the "dot eco" Debate Peter ter Weeme reports on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers idea to introduce a new top-level domain like .eco, which, like the practice of eco-labeling, could provide one more tool to help consumers make good, green choices online... 2008 Money Makes Way For Happiness, But Happiness Still Can't Be Bought Samantha Cleaver examines happiness and...


Mette te Velde: Coordinating Fun Live Events for the Environment at Strawberry Earth

Nominated by Marije Vogelzang I would like to nominate Mette te Velde from Strawberry Earth. Strawberry Earth is a platform for creative people from all over the world who want to do something positive for our environment. Mette started Strawberry Earth together with Ikenna Azuike in 2008 as a website. They quickly started to connect environmental issues with fun live events, which created instant results for the environment. In this way they started to address a large crowd in a very...


Green Buildings, Greenwashing, and Portable Energy and Drinkable Water

Looking back one, two and five years ago today on Worldchanging: 2009 Green Building for All Sarah Kuck looks at three examples from Portland, Oregon of how to achieve equity while building green... 2008 Stemming the Tide of Greenwashing The Worldchanging team examines the media of greenwashing and new online watchdogs that can help you make more informed decisions... 2005 Project Unplugged and LifeStraw Regine Debatty introduces two finalists in the INDEX Awards: a portable and flexible...


Stemming the tide of greenwashing

This past week, I was again struck at all of the attention the media is placing on all things “green”. Green really is the new black (though have you noticed that lots of companies are now touting blue as the new green?). I don’t know about you, but some days I feel like I’m drowning in a green tsunami that’s engulfing the world. With Earth Day behind us, I had hoped for a break from more waves of environmental cheerleading. Not so. Companies continue to rush in with green...


How Not to Pitch Sustainability

This is an email I got today: Hi Alex, ...I’m currently working on behalf of Ethos Water and their ongoing mission to provide clean water to children around the world. I’m reaching out to influential (types of site) such as, (name site here) to engage you and your readers in the humanitarian initiatives of Ethos Water ( I was reading your site and I see that you are looking for solutions not just problems, well I think the Ethos Water mission falls within that...


Using Swiming Pools to Reflect Needed New Thinking

A clever idea from the world of advertising.


The Predatory Lending Association

Sometimes explaining a problem in a particularly creative way can be a form of solution. Predatory lending in mortgages, credit cards and payday loans has been revealed as a central issue in North America over the last year, but many people still seem to have difficulty understanding what it is, how widespread it has become, and why we need regulatory action to solve it. Enter The Predatory Lending Association! This great industry association parody site has a simple mission: The Predatory...


Flack Attack: Corporations Prepare to “Target Green”

by Worldchanging local blogger, Brian Smith: On May 5, 2007, PR Week (a national trade journal) held an ambitious event "Target Green: Making Sustainability Work." The stated goal of the conference was to highlight how corporations are "making meaningful changes that benefit the company, and the planet, and how PR and marketing play a crucial role." Spokespeople at the conference came from some of the largest corporations on Earth: GE, Dow Chemical, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Siemens, UTC,...


Using Bollywood to Teach Drip Irrigation

India's International Development Enterprises (IDEI) works to advance locally-appropriate, sustainable development by designing and marketing affordable products that can improve the lives of the rural poor and ease some of the burdens that keep them in dire poverty. Their products are geared towards rural farmers, and primarily deal with water -- probably the most vital and burdensome resource to obtain and use efficiently. Their Affordable Drip Irrigation Technology Intervention program...


All in Green Went My Love Riding

Last December, the Color Marketing Group (CMG), a nonprofit group comprised of color specialists from various industries, made its forecast for 2007 color trends. CMG bases its selection on a combination of cultural and political factors or what they call “influences.? For 2006 (announced at the end of 2005), the palette fell under the heading of “Techno-Organic.? Straddling the line between technology and nature, it hinted at a few things to come with subheadings such as...

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