Dec 1, 15

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PechaKucha to Join AfH in Haiti Relief Efforts

This weekend, the PechaKucha network is joining with Architecture for Humanity to collectively rethink relief efforts and raise $1 million for rebuilding Haiti. On February 20, each presenter will have 20 seconds to share their ideas with 200,000 physical and virtual attendees. Architecture for Humanity is predicting that Global PechaKucha Day for Haiti will be the largest distributed conference in the world. What is Pecha Kucha? To check out this global event, tune in online or...

Letter from Copenhagen: An Update from Alex

I'm in Copenhagen, where I'm speaking at the Bright Green Expo (NYT coverage here) and the Copenhagen Climate Summit for Mayors, delivering a lecture for the Blekinge Institute of Technology, participating in several other events and giving a lot of media interviews. Meanwhile, the full mayhem of the COP15 summit itself is unfolding here. COP15 is a pretty astonishing event, with thousands of delegates, journalists and advocates swarming around (or at least standing in lines in)...

Food, Music, Friends and Essential Information: Our Town Hall Event

In less than two weeks, Alex Steffen will be at Town Hall Seattle presenting Worldchanging's latest thoughts about the planetary challenges we face and his cutting edge ideas about bright green solutions, sustainability and urban innovation. On Nov 11 and 12, join Alex, Richard Conlin, Mike McGinn and the Worldchanging Team for an evening of stimulating conversation, essential information and green networking. Please feel free to come early and hungry, as the street food perfectionists...

Join The Movement: 350 Day

On Oct. 24, thousands of people in almost 180 countries are planning to take to the streets, parks, forests and oceans to raise awareness for the number 350. According to leading scientists, including James Hansen of NASA, 350 parts per million is the safe upper limit for atmospheric CO2. Worldchanging ally Bill McKibben and other climate activists have deemed Oct. 24 The International Day of Climate Action or 350 Day. As the current carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are estimated at...

Resilient People Conference starts tomorrow in Vancouver

The Resilient People + Climate Change Conference starts tomorrow in Vancouver and promises to be an extraordinary event. Put together by WC ally Sanjay Khanna and held in conjunction with the Gaining Ground Resilient Cities event, the conference will explore a new frontier in climate change action: getting people mentally ready for the challenges to come. A roster of interesting speakers will address topics ranging from psychosocial first aid training for dealing with climate and disaster...

For The Love Of Water: H209 & The New Generation Competition

Today kicks off opening day for the H209 Water Forum in New York City. Hosted by the Henry Hudson 400 Foundation, the event aims to explore many of the water-related challenges of the 21st century. Beginning with a keynote address from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Lisa P. Jackson, and Tineke Huizinga, the H209 conference will feature more than 100 forward thinking individuals. From the HH400's release: Dutch and American business leaders, environmental, planning and engineering experts,...

2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Winners Announced!

Worldchanging ally Cameron Sinclair and the Open Architecture Network recently announced the winners of their 2009 contest to design the classroom of the future: Teton Valley Community School in Victor Idaho and Section Eight Design. The winning classroom design...provides cost-effective and sustainable teaching spaces and extends the learning environment beyond the four walls of the classroom. Movable panels allow students to reconfigure their space as needed. The building itself is...

New Yorkers to Create PreFab Parks for Park(ing) Day

What comes to mind when you picture “livable streets?" For me, the phrase conjures up consciously-designed, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, where people -- not cars -- are priority. But what if we were to take the phrase "livable streets" literally? Park(ing) Day 2009 allows us to do just that. What began in 2005 as an attempt by a San Francisco art collective to highlight the lack of public space in urban areas has now turned into an international event. Once a year, artists and...

Camping at Tällberg – Epilogue

My tent is back in the closet. The great circus tent used for the Tällberg Forum’s plenary sessions is undoubtedly on its way back home to Italy. The Tällberg Companion — the little book with schedules, participant bios, and general wisdom about how to survive the five-day, change-the-world marathon meeting that is the Tällberg Forum — is up on the shelf, next to the Companions of previous years. I notice that it is half the size of the others, a little resource...

Camping at Tällberg – Episode 3: An Evening of Standing Ovations

Gro Harlem Brundtland is relating stories from her childhood — as a Norwegian refugee in Stockholm during World War II, leading her little brother safely across streets, and the unexpected apology she received from her father, when she was 12 or 13, because he had cut her off in a debate and declared her simply wrong. It’s lovely to hear these stories from this living legend in the sustainability movement. She is making an argument for “principled pragmatism” — which she claims not...

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