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Headlines from Worldchanging Canada (December 2009 - January 2010)

Top stories from our Canadian blog: Tokyo's Transforming Tower | Madeline Ashby "I wish there were a way to combine these shutters and some form of external cladding, but in a year both the tower's designers and its inhabitants will understand how best to exploit this building's transformation potential." Event Summary - 2009 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference | Stefanie Bowles We feature notes from Stephanie Bowles on a couple of talks from the 2009 Behavior, Energy and...

Worldchanging Essay: The All-American Diet

One of the unifying features of this time of year – of Thanksgiving and the winter holidays – is food, and lots of it. Although the traditional seasonal consumer excess will be curbed by economic pain this year, many people will still maintain the tradition of gathering with others around the table. This in itself isn't a bad thing: food brings us together, and to many people the experience of sharing a meal is a sacred act. But Worldchanging readers know that all of this food raises...

What's Next: Cameron Sinclair

-- Embracing the leapback and an open approach to innovation. -- If you have access to the tools for creating physical change in your community chances are you live in a privileged and highly networked community. For most of the world there is an innovation divide that continues to grow, not because of the lack of creativity or passion but the barriers surrounding the ability to share ideas, collaborate and to adapt existing solutions continue to spiral out of the reaches of those who need...

Carbon Blindness

For those of us who have spent years warning that climate change is a problem of the highest magnitude, these are gratifying days. Politicians, business leaders, labor unionists, celebrities and religious figures all seem, finally, to be listening to the science and beginning to hear its meaning: we must change, dramatically, at once. This is a Very Good Thing. At the same time, I am beginning to have misgivings about some of the debate emerging around climate change -- and perhaps not in...

George Monbiot's Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning

These are hard days, but thrilling. They're difficult, and scary, because for the first time we're coming to understand that things are worse than we thought, and the time we have to act on climate change should perhaps be measured in years, not decades. They're exciting because we're beginning to see paths forward that could lead us out of this catastrophe and into a better future: they're still faint, and we're far from home and night is not far off, but they do exist. George Monbiot's new...

5,000! Three Years!

In a nice piece of unplanned synergy, this is our 5,000th post, and tomorrow is our three-year anniversary. It's quite odd, actually, to think that it's only been three years since we put up our first post (about Jim Moore's essay, The Second Superpower). That seems an age ago. Looking back, though, it's amazing how well the stories we wrote that first month have anticipated the work we've done in the three years since, with pieces on Corruption and Transparency International, the Thai...

The Wealth of Networks: Remixed Highlights

The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom (Yale University Press, 2006) is an extended philosophical manifesto on the potential of open source decentralized "peer production" - not just as a way of creating software, but in the broader sense of a fundamentally new means of producing goods, services, and freedom itself. Since the online version of the book is available at author Yochai Benkler's site under a Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial -...

Personal Factor Four: Organizing Real Environmental Action With The Internet

Once in a while, somebody notes that the Internet should be materially contributing to solving the world's problems. I think the notion has been around since about 1965. I'd like to raise some ideas for you, WorldChanging's Open Thinktank, to think about, speculate on, contribute to and improve. Our goal is to get to a personal Factor Four improvement in your environmental impact and mine by using the collective intelligence and collective action that the internet enables...

How Much More Can We Do With Less?

Just how much more can we do with less? I recently read an article which discussed a company which went to a 32 hour work week with no drop in productivity. (the story is taken from The Time Bind by Arlie Hochschild)

Ecological Handprints: Population and the Limits of Possibility

Population, in some ways, is the critical wild card in our efforts to win the Great Wager, stave off ecological collapse and build a bright green future. On the one hand, its clear as day that building individual livelihoods that provide prosperity and a high quality of life yet whose ecological footprints are small enough to be globally sustainable is possible. Only a very few yet live those lives, and much work remains to be done before they can be available to all, but there is no doubt...

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