Nov 24, 15

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What's your holiday light? What gives you hope?

Tomorrow is Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, a time marked by many traditions as the changing of the old year for the new, of gift-giving and the making of resolutions... and, above all, as it is the darkest day of the year, by the lighting of lights. In a great many ways, these are dark days for our planet as a whole. Yet, there are some real reasons for optimism and hope. There are lights in that darkness. For me, working on Worldchanging offers almost daily reasons for...

Tools for Understanding Poverty

Poverty is another country, one with languages, cultures, assumptions and patterns which are quite different from the ones those of us who live in the wealthier parts of the world take for granted. If we want to think clearly about sustainable development, we need to see more clearly the nature of poverty itself. Here are a few resources that have given us some "aha!" moments: Gapminder is full of amazing interactive graphics demonstrating big global trends in poverty, health and other...

What are you optimistic about?

In September, we asked you whether you were optimists or pessimists, and got some great, heartfelt and interesting responses. So we were thrilled to find out that John Brockman's latest question is "What are you optimistic about? Why? Surprise us!". It's a good question: we'd love to hear your answers in the comments below. [happy face ball image]

Worldchanging Needs Volunteers

This is an astonishing time for Worldchanging. We have just brought on a fantastic new group of contributors, we're in the process of planning some exciting new editorial features, as well as preparing to launch a fresh design for the site; and last but surely not least, on November 1, we'll be releasing our first book, Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century -- with more than 600 pages and over 60 writers highlighting cutting-edge innovation and emerging solutions for building a...

Help the Sierra Club Pick Winning Technologies

So, Robyn Gee from the Sierra Club just got in touch with us asking for help preparing their upcoming report, "10 Technologies That Can Save the World." We're a little swamped at the moment, what with new teammates, a site redesign on the way, the book about to come out and a national book tour/ research voyage/ road trip to plan, but we thought you might be able to help us answer her questions. After all, the community of people who read Worldchanging include in our ranks folks who are...

CanadaChanging: Your Thoughts?

This concludes our CanadaChanging series. From our end, it was an interesting experience to put together a series of stories around a common theme, all in a limited span of time. Tell us what you liked, and what could be changed or done better next time. We'd also love to hear from you on two other questions: Please take a paragraph or two to share with us your CanadaChanging stories. What other "*****Changing" series would you particularly like to see, and why?

CanadaChanging: Tell us who you listen to

Any large country has a wide variety of voices worth listening to. Often it's the lesser-known or more specialized voices which are the most rewarding and insightful. Who are the voices in Canada with a WorldChanging bent? Maybe it's a magazine like Corporate Knights ("the Canadian magazine for responsible business"). Or CPAC, Canada's political affairs channel, which features everything from current affairs analysis to conferences in the off hours to committee meetings where some of the...

Summer Meet and Greet

From time to time, we like to turn the microphone around and hear from you guys who you are and what you're up to. Since we haven't had a meet and greet post since winter, it seemed like a good time to invite you to say hello and either introduce yourself, or re-introduce yourself and give us a little update. Don't be shy! We'd like to hear from you.

Lessons and Questions from An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth is an excellent example of bridging the gap between knowing facts and seeing the big picture - and between seeing the big picture and feeling its urgency. What makes it so effective? How could future efforts have even more impact? And what other great presentations could be brought into wider circulation, especially as open Creative Commons projects?

The Climate Change Debate is Over - Design Competition

As we work to prepare a first draft of the "Universal Climate Skeptic Response Post" -- a single-page resource explaining why the debate on the need for action in response to climate change is over -- we are also looking create some compelling visuals bearing the same message. Indeed, this is our first design competition. We've had a couple great entries already, but we think the call for entries got a bit buried in the sidebar, so we wanted to reiterate it here. If you're an artist,...

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